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Governance and Finance

Financial Pathways of the Piedmont is committed to transparency and accountability, both internally and in our interactions with the communities we serve. This commitment includes maintaining the highest degree possible in ethics and confidentiality with our clients. We also seek to meet or exceed the standards and requirements put forth by the Internal Revenue Service, Better Business Bureau, United Way, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and the Council on Accreditation.

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Audits: 2017, 2019

Council on Accreditation: Certificate, Letter

Client Rights and Complaint Resolution

This Client Rights and Complaint Resolution Process is reviewed by the counselor with the client as part of the Agreement for Counseling at the onset of counseling. The client signs the Agreement for Counseling and the Client Rights and Complaint Resolution Process at the beginning of the counseling session. Every client is given a copy of this policy at the conclusion of the counseling session.

Client Rights

We pledge that our clients have the right to:

  • Prompt counseling services for managing money based on their financial situation.
  • Treatment with dignity and respect.
  • Be actively involved in a comprehensive assessment of their financial situation.
  • Express dissatisfaction through a complaint resolution process.
  • Discontinue their relationship with our agency at any time.
  • Ask questions and have their concerns addressed.

We are committed to providing clients with high quality professional services.

Complaint Resolution

If a client is not satisfied with the services provided or want to make a complaint, we suggest this process.

Step One: The client should try to resolve the issue with the staff member involved, giving him or her specific information about the complaint.

Step Two: If Step One is not possible or the does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, clients should write to: Counseling Supervisor, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, 8064 North Point Blvd., Suite 204, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, via postal service or email to .

Step Three: The Counselor Supervisor may request a meeting with (phone or face to face) or seek more information from a staff person. The agency will respond within 15 days.

Step Four: If the issue is still unresolved, clients can appeal by writing directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Write to: President and CEO, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, 8064 North Point Blvd., Suite 204, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, via postal service or email to The CEO will investigate and provide a written decision within 15 days.