Improving lives through financial counseling, coaching, and education.

About Financial Pathways of the piedmont

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Our agency aspires to reflect and embrace the belief that all people deserve fairness, justice, and inclusivity.

We acknowledge and appreciate all aspects of diversity; the visible and invisible qualities that make each person unique, including race, gender, age, sexuality, ability, religion, national origin, gender identity, and other identities.

We commit to aligning our culture and business practices to be a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and to create an environment where all people are welcome and able to thrive. 

Our Vision

Financial Wellbeing for everyone in our community.

What is Financial Wellbeing?

Regardless of one’s age, race, income, livelihood or first language, everyone has a desire to achieve financial well-being, in which he/she:


Feels in control of day-to-day finances


Has the capacity to absorb a financial shock, loss, or expense.


Is on track to meet financial goals, whatever they may be


Has the financial freedom to make some choices that make life enjoyable

Our Mission

Helping people build financial wellbeing.

What We Do

Many area residents struggle with debt, lost jobs, or low wages. Some lack the financial literacy to solve common money problems, and many feel shame and blame themselves. Our expert, certified financial educators and counselors offer confidential, caring assistance, free or for a very low fee.

We help individuals and families:


Resolve debt


Learn to budget and use credit wisely


Avoid foreclosure and other financial crises


Set and meet financial goals such as saving for education or homeownership

We serve clients through:


Classes in financial literacy and other specialized topics


One-on-one counseling and coaching


Place-based interventions and outreach to diverse communities

Financial pathways is a name you can trust.

We help our clients connect to credible, trustworthy financial resources and information to achieve financial wellbeing.

Why We Serve

Today, in nearly every indicator of financial health, households in the Winston-Salem and surrounding areas fall below national and state averages. In spite of hard work and their best efforts, families find themselves limited by asset poverty, troubled by bad credit, or threatened with foreclosure. This stresses parents, puts children at risk, and robs seniors of a peaceful retirement.

Who We Are

Financial Pathways of the Piedmont is local nonprofit agency that has served the Winston Salem area and surrounding communities for more than forty years. During 2018 we served 3912 clients of record and also directly benefitted the estimated 12,187 family members of these clients.