A budget or spending plan is a plan for how to use the money you earn (income) to pay for expenses, set aside as savings, repay debt, and achieve your goals. Your overall financial situation is considered when creating a personal budget.

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We are here to help build the budget that’s right for you.

A budget serves as a financial analysis mechanism, helping families identify income and expenses over a set period of time. We believe that budgeting is foundational to our work and that a strong budget is the cornerstone of your financial wellbeing.

Budgeting and money management do not have to be stressful. An action plan that addresses problems (such as too much debt) and goals (such as increasing emergency savings) can help relieve the stress around money management.

Our trained and certified credit and housing counselors are here to help you take control of your personal finances, save, and build assets. We guide and coach individuals, seniors, and families at all income levels to develop money management skills, establish spending priorities, and adopt a budget suited to individual circumstances and needs.

With a practical plan tailored to personal circumstances, anyone can set and achieve positive financial goals.

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Budgeting Services

Budget counseling is easy and affordable. Take the first step today.

Get a Budget checkup

As your life changes, it’s important to revisit your budget to make sure that you remain on track financially. If you have a change of employment, a family transition, an illness or injury, or other major event that might affect your finances in big or small ways, it’s time to do a budget checkup!

Are you a first-time home buyer? We can help you build a solid budget to help navigate your new financial reality.

A budget checkup is also a great opportunity for younger adults to get acquainted with the fundamental budgeting skills needed to live independently.

We are here to help you sort through this process; get in touch today!

Build a Personal or Family Budget

Don’t have a budget? Our trained and certified credit and housing counselors are ready to help you take the first step in building a financial plan that’s right for you.

Budget and Expense Management for the Aging Population

In addition to writing checks and reconciling bank statements, our counselors can work more intensively with older adults to create a budget and a system for personal expense management that can provide peace of mind about living within a fixed income. With knowledge of the many programs and resources available to seniors, our counselors can help connect them with other beneficial community resources.