Credit & Budget Counseling

An action plan that addresses problems (such as too much debt) and goals (such as saving to buy a home) can alleviate much of the stress and anxiety around money management.

FPP’s certified counselors are trained to help clients take control of their personal finances and get on a path to saving and building assets. We guide and coach individuals, seniors, and families at all income levels to develop money management skills, establish spending priorities, and follow a budget suited to their circumstances and needs. Services include budget and credit counseling, debt repayment, and credit report review. We also help clients explore options for improving credit reports and learn how to shop for the best interest rates and terms.

With a practical plan tailored to personal circumstances, anyone can set and achieve positive financial goals.

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Debt Management

Credit can sometimes be easy to get, but debt can also become a trap. After any unexpected financial emergency, such as a layoff or an illness, many families find themselves caught up in a cycle of mounting credit card debt and dwindling ability to meet minimum payments. Financial Pathways’ certified and compassionate counselors are trained to help consumers find relief from crushing debt. After a confidential analysis of an individual or couple’s income and debt situation, we can identify several possible paths.

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