Welcome to HomePaths!

This is a self-paced learning opportunity created by Financial Pathways of the Piedmont to guide aspiring homeowners through all steps of buying a home. It includes eight learning modules and a test. Click here to get started

1 – Introduction

Learn the fundamentals of the home buying process and the basics of home mortgages

2 – Credit Analysis and Household Budgeting

Employ good money management and the effective use of credit to create a realistic plan for meeting mortgage payments and other expected costs of home ownership.

3 – Selecting a Home and Neighborhood

Assess your housing needs and shop wisely for a home

4 – Working with a Realtor

Learn the role of Real Estate Professionals

5 – Financing a Home Purchase

Understand which of the available lending programs and mortgage products might best suit your needs

6 – Applying for a Mortgage

Prepare for the loan application process to boost your chance for loan approval

7 – Closing the Real Estate Transaction

Prepare to meet the obligations and expenses of closing the transaction.

8 – Maintaining a Home and its Value

Succeed as a homeowner by understanding all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of homeownership


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