Financial Pathways offers financial education workshops to help young people, adults, and senior citizens better manage their personal finances, plan for a financial future, and promote overall financial well-being.

We can cater your financial education workshop to the specific need of your audience. Whether for your employees, church groups, civic groups, or other community groups; if you have the people and provide the space; we can come to you and facilitate the education for a nominal fee.

Some examples of our workshops are:

  • BEST TIPS: a 2-hour basic introduction and overview to personal money management
  • Budgeting Workshop: 1.5 hour class on how to create a livable budget.
  • Wise Use of Credit: a 1.5 hour overview of how to make smart use of consumer credit
  • Psychology of Money: a 2-hour workshop for adults to explore how to make their unique ‘money personalities’ work for them and how our values affect our spending.
  • Understanding Credit Reports: a 1.5 hour workshop for adults to learn what generates a credit report, how to read your credit report; and what affects your credit scores.
  • Financial Vision Boards: a 2-hour fun and creative workshop to put your vision into action by creating a vision board that participants take home for continued inspiration.
  • Student Loan Debt Workshop: a 2 hour jam packed workshop for folks who have already acquired students loan debt and want to learn how to navigate repayment options and information overload.
  • FDIC Money Smart Curriculum: 14 modules of varying topics from budget/credit to homeownership to how to survive or recover from a financial disaster. Clink the link to see topics:
  • Money Jungle: tailored for youth 14-19; a ‘real world’ simulation that provides the youth an opportunity to experience making adult financial decisions in a fun atmosphere.

To inquire about what financial education workshops may be of interest for your group, please contact Lisa Terry at (336)896-1191 Ext 1130 or click here for the request form and fee structure. 

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For more information, please contact FPP by either phone or email:

Phone336-896-1191 or toll free 888-474-8015