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Student loan piggy bankFor many people, achieving a college degree means starting their working lives under a mountain of debt. Financial Pathways’ student loan counselors can help individuals struggling with student loans to understand their options — ranging from deferral, forbearance, consolidation, and possibly forgiveness—so they can move forward with their financial lives.  This specialized counseling is offered through two options.

Option I:  Student loan borrower workshop ($25)- SLB workshop facilitated by a nationally certified student loan borrower counselor and certified financial counselor and educator. This course will review;

  • Loan products
  • Federal Vs. Private loans
  • Repayment options
  • Forbearance
  • Deferments
  • Defaults and delinquencies

Individual attending group workshops may attend a follow up one on one counseling session at no additional charge.

* Client is reasonable for providing a credit report from or may purchase one onsite for $35.

Option II:  2-hour one on one counseling session ($30)- with a trained and certified financial counselor to define specific loan sources and amounts, review credit reports related to student loans, and contact creditors to clarify their particular options.

* Client is responsible for providing a credit report from or may purchase one onsite for $35.

For further information and /or to schedule an appointment, call Lisa Terry, Student Loan Counselor, at 336-896-1191 extension 1130 or toll free 1-888-474-8015.

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