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Don’t Let Debt Keep You Down!

Struggling with debt is bad enough – whether you’re a veteran or are about to transition into civilian life – but when you’re actively deployed, it can threaten your job status. Debt can also get in the way of civilian employment opportunities for military spouses, making it difficult to provide the additional income necessary to manage the home front. If you’re among those who feel what they’ve already achieved may be in danger due to their financial issues, there is a place you can turn to for help. At Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, we recognize that the ever-changing nature
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Financial Pathways of the Piedmont Named Recipient of Joel and Claudette Weston Award

Winston-Salem, NC (June 11, 2015) — The recipient of the Joel and Claudette Weston Award, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, was announced and honored at an event on Thursday night at Old Town Club. The organization was selected after a highly competitive review process with more than double the number of applications submitted than in past years. Weston Award 2015
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