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Mortgage Help Aids Laid-off Worker

For Yadkinville resident Terry Shaw and her late husband, Keith, the economic recession intersected with other events in their lives, leaving Terry alone and on shaky ground. Here is her story in her own words: “I’ve always worked. For a time I was a paralegal and administrative assistant, and then for seven years I worked directing the training program for a company that trained truck drivers. I was making a decent income and my husband had employment with a good company. Then in 2008, he became one of the countless people who lost their positions due to cut backs. He
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Benefits and Bills Revamp Gives Peace of Mind

Betsy was referred to Financial Pathways by a friend who knew Betsy’s finances bordered on disaster. Her power bill was late, her car insurance about to lapse, and credit card bills were piling up. With regular income of less than $800 a month and a poorly insulated rented house, utility bills ate up more than half her income. Forced to use credit cards to buy groceries and facing late fees and penalties, Betsy was ready to give up. The first meeting with a senior financial counselor revealed that Betsy was eligible for Medicaid and Food Stamps. Working with Crisis Control,
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Financial Fixes Save Senior’s Independence

Jennie, 79, was referred to Financial Pathways by the Department of Social Services. On a fixed monthly income of $958, all Jennie’s bills were late, her checking account was $500 overdrawn, and she depended on crises programs to pay for food and utilities. Her home and car insurance was about to be cancelled for non-payment; she was months behind on her car payment. A senior money management counselor visited Jennie and learned that repairs were needed to keep her home safe and that she had an overdue credit card in her name, maxed out by a granddaughter. Looking at Jennie’s
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